Gift Ideas for Music Lovers and Musicians

Finding great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or just a special gift for a music lover or a musician can be a bit daunting. On the one hand, you want to gift them with something meaningful and something that reflects their love for music. And on the other hand, you don’t want to be that person who buys cliché things. How then can you strike a balance? Here are some great ideas:

Mistaken lyrics coasters

Mistaken lyrics coastersWe all need coasters, and it gets even better when they resemble lyrics that people often get wrong. Music lovers often cringe when they hear someone sing the wrong words out loud so how great would it be to have them in writing? Get them anything that will have them bent over laughing such as ‘hit me with your pet shark’ and get to see their faces light up with joy.

Thumb Pianos

Thumb PianoHow about a hand-held guitar? Not only are these devices attractive, but they also make it possible for musicians to play their tunes as they go about other duties. While you are at it, you can get them a songbook too.

Guitar Glasses

Guitar GlassesDoes the person you have in mind love strumming notes on guitars? Well, in this case, you can get them guitar glasses such that each time they take a sip, they can think of how much they love music. And in so doing, they can appreciate your support. It’s a win-win situation!

Customized Doormats

Customized DoormatsYou can have anything written on the doormat to reflect their love for music best. If they love producing songs, you could have some amps displayed on the mat which would remind them of how much you love them each time they see it. Anything from ‘Rock On’ is sure to do the trick.

Folding Travel Guitars

Folding Travel GuitarsLet’s suppose that the music lover you have in mind cannot get enough of playing music even when they are on the road. You could get them a folding travel guitar that enables them to pack light. How cool is that?

Song Journals

Song JournalsWith musicians, you never know when the million-dollar idea will strike. It could be on their commute or while they are out jogging. Help them unleash their creativity by getting them a journal which will help them stay organized as they work on the next great hit.

Pick Punches

Pick PunchesDo you know how scary it can be for a guitarist to run out of guitar picks? If you were to ask them, they would admit that it is a nightmare that never goes away. Help your favourite musician avoid such a fate by getting them a pick punch that can create a guitar pick from anything including credit cards and gym badges.

Pocket Strings

Pocket StringsIs your favourite musician always looking for new ways to perfect their playing skills? With a pocket strings guitar, they can do so at any time, owing to the ease of carrying this device. And as the name suggests, they can fold it and pocket it on the go.

Musical Wine Glasses

Musical Wine GlassesWith these glasses, you can try out different options. You could have a scale on them, or you could write lyrics on them if you wish. Some have pitches such that when you run your fingers across the rim, it results in a musical sound. It’s a sure way to get the party started.

Guitar Socks

Guitar SocksIf your favourite musician is always in the mood to play some notes, you can add on to the excitement by getting them guitar socks. In this way, they can nap away while they ‘rock on!’

Whatever gift you choose, be sure to get one that best reflects their love for music and everything else will fall into place.