Yamaha Silent Viola Concert Select – SVV200 (excluding bow and case)

The Yamaha Silent String instruments are proving to be extremely popular with players of all levels. The ‘silent’ facility allows the performer to practice anytime or anywhere without disturbing others. The Silent Violin is now available in brown, black and candy apple red. This model also incorporates a phone jack adaptor that can be plugged into any one of the input/output mini jacks. This enables the performer to connect directly to a P.A. system or external audio equipment with the use of a standard phone cable. The SV200 Concert Select model is available in antique brown, black, cardinal red and ocean blue.

Features of the SV120 Silent Violin
  • sviolin2Auxiliary Input For playing along with tapes or CD’s.
  • Output Jack To perform amplified live.
  • Built-in Reverb To enhance your sound; three room sizes from which to choose.
  • Full Size Body Lightweight, easy to hold and play; feels like a traditional violin.
  • Four Tuning Adjusters To facilitate precise fine tuning.
  • Auxiliary Volume Control Allows independent control over external sound source’s volume.
  • Battery Powered Allows mobility whilst performing.