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The majority of our items are readily available from our normal stock which makes for a quick turnaround from order to receipt.

music-844869_640We have tried to represent as much accurate product information as possible giving you the opportunity to browse our London music shop online with confidence.

The website is ever-changing as we are constantly updating and adding new information.

Carrying on in the Chappell of Bond Street tradition, using a well-trained and highly-educated staff ‘behind the scenes’, we now offer you the opportunity to order online in the knowledge that your order will be dealt with thoroughly and swiftly.

In our endeavours to maintain the ultimate standards of customer service for which our company is renowned, our staff are all expert in their particular fields. Many of them hold music degrees, the better to qualify them to offer you the soundest advice. Contact Chappell today to discuss your musical needs and you’ll do yourself some good, and if you think good means expensive, you’re probably in for a pleasant surprise!