Kids Recorder Gift Set

Name: Kids Recorder Gift Set

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The recorder is recognised as being the ideal instrument for teaching the fundamentals of music. Because it’s monophonic and portable, it’s doubly easy for beginners to pick up, and as one of the most inexpensive instruments, it’s ideal for kids. This compact gift pack comes with a descant recorder and bag, a CD to learn to and recorder sheet music in the form a of a music book that guides the learner though simple tunes and Disney favourites – surely the perfect Christmas present.

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Almost every successful musician from the UK will no doubt have experienced the joys of this instrument, so this just could be the start of something big … By using the dedicated recorder sheet music that comes with the instrument, the journey from learning to hold the recorder to carrying a tune is smooth and enjoyable – and the sheet music itself includes the tunes that every youngster loves. Buy it for Xmas and by February you’ll have grown to like it!


  • Chappell of Bond Street Presentation Gift Box
  • Yamaha YRS24B Descant Recorder with tie-up bag
  • Recorder From The Beginning: Book and CD
  • Disney Movie Favourites for Recorder
  • Easy Recorder: Playalong Showtunes
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