Yamaha AW4416 Digital Recording System (Version 2, Fully Loaded)

  • Uncompressed 24bit 16-track digital recording
  • Extra stereo track for mastering
  • All 44 channels have 4-band parametric e.q.
  • Each channel has it’s own dynamic processor for compression etc.
  • Built-in CD-Rewriter
  • Fully automated ‘Flying Fader’ mixing and stereo mastering
  • Sampling and sample triggering
  • All integrated into a single portable package

Serious musicians, composers, sound designers and audio engineers have literally never had it so good! The Yamaha AW4416 elevates the stand-alone studio concept to a level that’s destined to become the new standard. Just look at what it’s got!

16-track recording (x 8 virtual tracks) to internal hard disk
24-bit recording with no compression and 32-bit processing
Up to 64 GB internal hard disk drive (6.4 GB for one song)
Max. 44 channels, 8 groups and 8 AUX send busses mixer
2 systems of internal multi-effects
8 sample trigger pads with 2 banks (max. approx. 90-seconds) Import from a track or sample CD
Scene Memory and Auto-mix functions
Track, Part, Region and Song editing
Standard play/record transport functions plus Jog with Shuttle
99 Mark points per song plus Quick Locate and Repeat
Manual and Auto Punch I/O
Large 320×240 dot LCD + FL display
Onboard mastering to internal stereo tracks
Word Clock I/O, MIDI In,Out/Thru, MTC Out, To Host, SCSI, Mouse and Foot Switch connectors
2 Mini-YGDAI card slots for multiple digital and analog I/O options
*Price includes Built-in CD-RW & Hard Drive options.

There is no need to worry about formatting or fitting your 12gig hard disk and CDRW when you buy your AW4416 from Chappell. We will ensure that your AW4416 is ready to go straight out of the box. Follow the enclosed tutorial and you will be mixing and recording in no time.

OS update

  • AW4416 latest operating system software now supports the synchronization of two AW4416 units together, giving you a portable 32 track digital recording system with the possibility of up-to 48 microphones inputs.
  • The internal CDRW can now been ‘seen’ from an external device giving you the ability to use the AW4416’s CD writer from your SCSI equipped PC or MAC using standard software such as Nero, EZ CD Creator, Toast, Jam etc.
  • Tracks can now be individually exported as wav files allowing easy file exchange with any other hardware/software